deposite luggage

storage furniture

storing sundries

deposite documents

storage collection

store exhibition supplies

storage of privacy

storage for Taobao

Safe and convenient

Access control

24 hours access control

Own lock

Lock by your own lock


24 hours infrared CCTV and recording


relative humidity 50%~70%

more details pls call:4008-333-083

Leasing process

  • Pls call:4008-333-083 and make an appointment
  • We'll recommend a suitable solution for you
  • We'll arrange transportation if you need
  • We'll go to check goods door-to-door if necessary and recommend a suitable solution for you
  • You need prepare passport and a bank account for return deposit when sign a contract
  • Get a IC card for 24 hours access control, you may buy a lock from us if you don't have

Payment Method

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